Animals are Completely Disregarded in the Current System

About 3 years ago, I was going down this street, and I noticed a house where 3 large dogs were being kept in this tiny fenced-in space — together. This space was so tiny that the dogs were trying to push themselves off of each other. They were all letting out this strained bark. They were very uncomfortable. Their body language and the noises they were letting out made it quite clear that this was a torturous experience — anyone would have been able to gather that. There was also no bowl of water out for them.

People nearby said that the people who lived at that house were barely home. They weren’t home at the time either.

The shelter was called. That’s the place to call for these things here — which doesn’t make sense because these types of things have no bounds as to when they occur, and yet this place that is to be called to handle these situations has only certain hours and days of operation. (It was also going to be closed down at one point.) There should be a type of group composed of people who assist with these situations, who keep an eye on these things, who actually immediately do something about it, and animal hospitals as well, open 24-7, just like for human beings — because that actually makes sense. These places should be conveniently located, everywhere, all over the world — because animals exist all over the world. This doesn’t exist in this world today because Life is not the priority of this abuse-driven system that is currently in place.

So, the people who were called did their thing, which was leaving a note on the door of the house after they had checked out the situation. But the animals were left like that, because that’s how we do things — which, yet again, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever because, clearly, the situation was unacceptable, and yet, because of how things are set up — the laws, the system — these animals were forced to continue enduring that experience, while it was completely possible that people could have gotten them out of that situation and put them into a better situation, immediately. Oddly, doing that would have been illegal. (For instance, there was some open land right there, and 3 tie-outs with stakes could have given them the ability to have ample room to move around and keep them away from the busy roads, and get 3 big bowls of water and food, and supervise them to ensure nothing happens involving the tie-outs until a more suitable scenario was arranged — that is just an example of what could have been done immediately for the moment that would have been a big relief for them. But doing something like that with another’s animals, which are deemed as property, and going onto their land property to do these things, would be considered illegal. “Ownership” being placed above Life.)

So, I went back the next day to check on the situation. What I see is different. There’s this other little fenced in area, further in the yard, that had a pet bunny in it the day before. The so-called caregivers of these animals decided to put one of the dogs in with the bunny in this small enclosure, the bunny’s enclosure. I approach the area and see the bunny’s limp body being shaken around in the dog’s mouth. The bunny was dead. The dog was quite lean, and likely was requiring a food source. I didn’t see dog food in the enclosure. The water that was available was only the bunny’s water; a water bottle with the steel tube — this was not accessible to the dog.

Getting within a certain distance from this dog, he reacted in the way of just immediately shaking, a lot, and dropping the back-end of his body as he moved to the opposite corner of this tiny enclosure — pissing, all over. This response indicated to me that this dog had been abused in a variety of ways, ways other than what I had seen initially.

These people shouldn’t have had the opportunity to have animals. They were directly showing that they should not be trusted to in fact be caregivers. Nothing I had seen indicated otherwise.

What did the people who were called for assistance do? Did they provide any solutions? Were options available to the real benefit of the animals, or was the focus more so only about punishing the people?

Obviously the well-being of the animals was not placed as priority, and is not an actual concern within this current system. They were left in an obvious state of distress from the start — and when animals are confiscated, they’re then typically placed into yet another unpleasant, stressful environment, such as the shelter.

This update of the situation was again reported — but did anything happen? Was anything even done to ensure that it didn’t happen again by these people, let alone all of humanity? Why do we not actually do what’s required to prevent these things, even when it is obvious why it occurs?

Real prevention — you don’t see that in this world today.

It would make sense if each human would go through mandatory, thorough education regarding proper care of animals, and to be evaluated in a few ways before being the caregiver of an animal. It should be a priority to have things in place where it is ensured that, when there is any abuse, it is known, and something is done about it immediately — and that it is corrected in all ways. That would be us as humanity showing that we actually care. When we do things from the starting point of what is Best For All Life, the world would become a very cool place. At the moment, it is a very scary place — and this is so purely because of the human.

A variety of 24-7 conveniently located animal assistance, the mandatory, thorough education process for all of humanity, the evaluations, laws that make sense and are designed with the priority of ensuring that all Life is cared for, a system that actually makes sense and is Best For ALL, a system that stops abuse instead of a system that thrives on abuse and encourages it in various ways as our current system does — these things become possible in an Equal Money System. The situation I’ve previously summarized, as but one example, would not happen in an Equal Money System; lack of money, lack of assistance services, lack of education, lack of options, lack of access to resources — not in an Equal Money System.

Those who have not had the pleasure of having animals around because of lack of money would finally be able to do that. Everyone would have ample money in an Equal Money System, would always be able to afford whatever is required to give proper care to their animals and to give them the highest quality of life experience, no matter what — and they would know what to do, and how to do it.

Consider what the experience is for animals in this world. The extent of abuse that is done to them goes beyond your worst nightmares, the suffering that they endure as a direct result of the human. This can be out of ignorance, out of deliberate abusiveness by deranged human beings, out of greed; each can be prevented — real education, evaluation processes, laws and consequence that ‘fit the crime’, so to speak, and where it is about violations against Life (rather than human, animal, et cetera), a new system not based on profit.

If you’re 1 vote for the end of animal abuse, and you see that it’s common sense that we actually do what’s required to adequately and sufficiently take care of animals as equals, and to ensure that all have the highest quality of living, then join us at the EMS forum.

The Equal Money System is of real benefit to the animal kingdom, in all ways. (My writing here is by no means a comprehensive explanation — that information will be available in the book.)

Check out these videos as examples:


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Equal Money System

EMS – The Book


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