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Swaziland – Forced to Eat Cow Shit

The following quotes are from this article:

“Some HIV-positive patients in Swaziland are so poor they have resorted to eating cow dung before taking anti-retroviral drugs, Aids activists say.
The drugs do not work on an empty stomach, so patients have to use the dung – mixed with water – instead of food, the activists say.

The shortage of money forced King Mswati, who is sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, to cancel his silver jubilee celebrations this year.
He has an estimated personal wealth of $200m (£122m) and each of his 13 wives has a palace paid for by the state, correspondents say.”

What a fuckup.

On the one hand, you’ve got people so poor they have to eat cow shit; on the other, you’ve got King Mswati III.

He has to give up one of his many, many luxuries — canceling his silver jubilee celebrations, which celebrates how he’s now ruled for 25 years, paid for by the people of Swaziland (as are his birthday celebrations) — but he still has his $200 million and his 13 palaces paid for by the state, a possible $10 billion in trust (from his father, the now-dead King Sobhuza II), and who-knows-what else. He is so wealthy and yet he is the one that the state provides for? That’s where the state puts massive amounts of money towards in a place where people are so poor they have to eat cow shit so that they have some type of substance for their HIV drugs to work?

“The king has also been criticised for requesting public money to pay for new palaces, a personal jet and luxury cars. Street protests led him to abandon the aircraft purchase.”[*]

So, now that the “royalty” is having to cut back a bit, what’s being done?

“It has asked neighbouring South Africa for a bailout.”[*]

A news article from 21 July 2011 said that South Africa has agreed to granting $202 million to Swaziland. (Note the figure — quite close to King Mswati’s “estimated personal wealth”.)

So, are bailouts actually all about the people who live in extreme luxury wanting to continue living that lifestyle no matter the consequence? It’s not about the people forced to live in extreme poverty; it’s about the super-rich — because this current system works for THEM. Was there such strong efforts to get more money before the super-rich started having to subtly cut back their luxurious lifestyles? The small percentage of the very wealthy reap all the benefits while the majority of this world live a very, very different life, basically bearing all the nasty consequences.

Swazis have a life expectancy of around 48 years old.[*] (However, I’ve seen other sources place that figure in the 30s.)

At 39%, Swaziland has the highest HIV-prevalence in adult population in the entire world.[*] This looks like it will even get worse — and their lack of access to sufficient food is pushing some of the already-infected to consider stopping their HIV meds since it’s required to take with something in the stomach (which has had to be cow shit for some, as mentioned previously).

There is a 43% unemployment rate — and the 2009/2010 Swaziland Household Income and Expenditure Survey says 63% of Swaziland live in poverty, and 30% live in extreme poverty. (The people of Swaziland additionally pay for the royal family’s “upkeep,” which is an outrageous sum, when the majority struggle to survive.)

The solution: The Equal Money System — a system that takes all equally into consideration. That means the end to a world where the super-rich continue to live in excessive luxury while the majority suffer and struggle to survive. No-one will be forced to eat cow dung; all will have access to sufficient food. It would mark the immediate end of poverty.

No bailouts required in an Equal Money System. The term “economic crisis” could cease to exist; we’d never have to use it.

No Kings, monarchs, family dynasties / ruling families, “royalty”. No more corrupt governments. Instead, equality and real leadership. In a Best-For-All world system, Life would be absolutely honored and the planet would thrive in a way that we’ve never gotten to see.

We’d have a high life-expectancy worldwide. All would have equal access to food, clean water, quality education, quality medical care — to all that is required. Real prevention would be a priority — an end to the half-assed efforts to prevent the various problems in this world.

A world of haves, as it should be.

Desteni I Process – self-development & leadership courses

Equal Money System

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Animals are Completely Disregarded in the Current System

About 3 years ago, I was going down this street, and I noticed a house where 3 large dogs were being kept in this tiny fenced-in space — together. This space was so tiny that the dogs were trying to push themselves off of each other. They were all letting out this strained bark. They were very uncomfortable. Their body language and the noises they were letting out made it quite clear that this was a torturous experience — anyone would have been able to gather that. There was also no bowl of water out for them.

People nearby said that the people who lived at that house were barely home. They weren’t home at the time either.

The shelter was called. That’s the place to call for these things here — which doesn’t make sense because these types of things have no bounds as to when they occur, and yet this place that is to be called to handle these situations has only certain hours and days of operation. (It was also going to be closed down at one point.) There should be a type of group composed of people who assist with these situations, who keep an eye on these things, who actually immediately do something about it, and animal hospitals as well, open 24-7, just like for human beings — because that actually makes sense. These places should be conveniently located, everywhere, all over the world — because animals exist all over the world. This doesn’t exist in this world today because Life is not the priority of this abuse-driven system that is currently in place.

So, the people who were called did their thing, which was leaving a note on the door of the house after they had checked out the situation. But the animals were left like that, because that’s how we do things — which, yet again, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever because, clearly, the situation was unacceptable, and yet, because of how things are set up — the laws, the system — these animals were forced to continue enduring that experience, while it was completely possible that people could have gotten them out of that situation and put them into a better situation, immediately. Oddly, doing that would have been illegal. (For instance, there was some open land right there, and 3 tie-outs with stakes could have given them the ability to have ample room to move around and keep them away from the busy roads, and get 3 big bowls of water and food, and supervise them to ensure nothing happens involving the tie-outs until a more suitable scenario was arranged — that is just an example of what could have been done immediately for the moment that would have been a big relief for them. But doing something like that with another’s animals, which are deemed as property, and going onto their land property to do these things, would be considered illegal. “Ownership” being placed above Life.)

So, I went back the next day to check on the situation. What I see is different. There’s this other little fenced in area, further in the yard, that had a pet bunny in it the day before. The so-called caregivers of these animals decided to put one of the dogs in with the bunny in this small enclosure, the bunny’s enclosure. I approach the area and see the bunny’s limp body being shaken around in the dog’s mouth. The bunny was dead. The dog was quite lean, and likely was requiring a food source. I didn’t see dog food in the enclosure. The water that was available was only the bunny’s water; a water bottle with the steel tube — this was not accessible to the dog.

Getting within a certain distance from this dog, he reacted in the way of just immediately shaking, a lot, and dropping the back-end of his body as he moved to the opposite corner of this tiny enclosure — pissing, all over. This response indicated to me that this dog had been abused in a variety of ways, ways other than what I had seen initially.

These people shouldn’t have had the opportunity to have animals. They were directly showing that they should not be trusted to in fact be caregivers. Nothing I had seen indicated otherwise.

What did the people who were called for assistance do? Did they provide any solutions? Were options available to the real benefit of the animals, or was the focus more so only about punishing the people?

Obviously the well-being of the animals was not placed as priority, and is not an actual concern within this current system. They were left in an obvious state of distress from the start — and when animals are confiscated, they’re then typically placed into yet another unpleasant, stressful environment, such as the shelter.

This update of the situation was again reported — but did anything happen? Was anything even done to ensure that it didn’t happen again by these people, let alone all of humanity? Why do we not actually do what’s required to prevent these things, even when it is obvious why it occurs?

Real prevention — you don’t see that in this world today.

It would make sense if each human would go through mandatory, thorough education regarding proper care of animals, and to be evaluated in a few ways before being the caregiver of an animal. It should be a priority to have things in place where it is ensured that, when there is any abuse, it is known, and something is done about it immediately — and that it is corrected in all ways. That would be us as humanity showing that we actually care. When we do things from the starting point of what is Best For All Life, the world would become a very cool place. At the moment, it is a very scary place — and this is so purely because of the human.

A variety of 24-7 conveniently located animal assistance, the mandatory, thorough education process for all of humanity, the evaluations, laws that make sense and are designed with the priority of ensuring that all Life is cared for, a system that actually makes sense and is Best For ALL, a system that stops abuse instead of a system that thrives on abuse and encourages it in various ways as our current system does — these things become possible in an Equal Money System. The situation I’ve previously summarized, as but one example, would not happen in an Equal Money System; lack of money, lack of assistance services, lack of education, lack of options, lack of access to resources — not in an Equal Money System.

Those who have not had the pleasure of having animals around because of lack of money would finally be able to do that. Everyone would have ample money in an Equal Money System, would always be able to afford whatever is required to give proper care to their animals and to give them the highest quality of life experience, no matter what — and they would know what to do, and how to do it.

Consider what the experience is for animals in this world. The extent of abuse that is done to them goes beyond your worst nightmares, the suffering that they endure as a direct result of the human. This can be out of ignorance, out of deliberate abusiveness by deranged human beings, out of greed; each can be prevented — real education, evaluation processes, laws and consequence that ‘fit the crime’, so to speak, and where it is about violations against Life (rather than human, animal, et cetera), a new system not based on profit.

If you’re 1 vote for the end of animal abuse, and you see that it’s common sense that we actually do what’s required to adequately and sufficiently take care of animals as equals, and to ensure that all have the highest quality of living, then join us at the EMS forum.

The Equal Money System is of real benefit to the animal kingdom, in all ways. (My writing here is by no means a comprehensive explanation — that information will be available in the book.)

Check out these videos as examples:


Desteni I Process – self-development & leadership courses

Equal Money System

EMS – The Book


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Homeless Man Learns He’s Rich

Max, a then-homeless man in Utah, got the news around 2 weeks ago that he now has a “significant” amount of money. He inherited it from a wealthy brother, who died in 2010.

“He’ll no longer be living on the street or in abandoned storage sheds.” … “He’ll be able to have a normal life, and be able to have a home, provide for himself, and purchase clothing, food and health care.”[*]

And look at that: the only way he was able to have this type of life — a type of life ALL should have, absolutely assured no matter what from birth to death — was through inheriting it from a now-dead wealthy family member. So, just because he was born into this specific family, with that specific brother — who was now willing to share his wealth with his homeless brother, but only after he died — was this type of life then attainable to Max.

This news story was placed in the “weird news” section. It’s seen as weird for a homeless person to suddenly be able to have a home, provide for her/himself, get clothing, food, health care for themselves. Max here did not expect to receive this money either; he was “shocked”.

It is money that determines whether or not you can have that type of life — whether you can have a home, clothing, food, health care. These are basic needs — why aren’t our basic needs provided for ALL of us as a basic right wherein we have something solidly in place that assures these needs are met in all ways, immediately, for everyone on Earth? The way that we have currently designed things makes no sense.

We’ve made a world where more than half the population live in poverty. There is enough food to feed everyone; and yet, the majority of the world are not getting sufficient food and are starving to death. We have so many who do not even have access to clean water. That is the reality that we’ve accepted and allowed, that is the reality that we’ve collectively created. We did it, and we are able to change it — and we require to change ourselves. Merely look at what exists in this world as a direct result of humanity and it speaks for itself that we do in fact all require to do that. This world is ruled by greed, full of abuse — it really says something about the human.

Let’s make it so that EVERYONE in this world can have such a life that Max here is now able to have. The Equal Money System makes this happen — a new system that makes a new world possible where ALL live a dignified life, from birth to death, where ALL will have a home, be able to provide for themselves, have sufficient clothing, food and health care, where ALL get equal access to resources. All get this simply because they are here, simply because they are alive — simply because it is clearly, obviously that which is Best For All. It’s an EQUALITY system, and it’s WORLDWIDE. That means that, finally, it will no longer matter what part of the world you’re born in, nor what family you’re born into.

This gives humanity the opportunity to actually exist here in this world without struggling to survive — to actually live. We are able to make this a reality for everyone on Earth.

What we as humanity exist as, and what we have in turn made this world into, is completely unacceptable. Time to take self-responsibility for what exists here in this world and make a new world, become a new human.


Desteni I Process – self-development & leadership courses

Equal Money System

EMS – The Book


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Greece Bailout — It Will Always Fail

Bailouts do not, and will not, solve anything — not for Greece, not for anyone. A bailout is an attempt to “rescue”; trying to rescue the system will always result in failure.

The focus is not on the actual problem, and obviously the cause of that problem is ignored as well. The focus is on attempting to prolong the current system; prolonging the current system will only result in more suffering.

The current system is dying, and there’s nothing anyone can do to save it — and delaying the inevitable will increasingly become more difficult to do. Attempting to save this system is not only pointless, it is insane. It directly shows a deranged desire for the atrocities in this world to continue.

The current system completely disregards Life and consists of massive abuse and separation. Just as it failed to honor and support Life, so will any and all attempts to “fix” or keep it. It cannot continue existing.

This world requires a NEW system. The Equal Money System is THE solution — a worldwide Equality System that absolutely supports and honors all Life. This is the only option that is Best For All. Anything else will fail.

Investigate Equal Money and how you can support and assist in bringing a real solution here.

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Recession Leads to Increase of Baby Abuse – What’s the Solution?

A recent study found that the amount of deliberate head injuries to babies DOUBLED during the recent recession. Database research showed a 101% increase. There was also a notable rise in more extensive injuries, causing a rise in deaths and severe brain injuries. (Study conducted by researchers at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland.) Previous research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh gave similar findings; deliberate head trauma increased substantially after the recession began.

Our current money system is abusive, and it specifically encourages–in various ways–the already-abusive human to become increasingly more abusive. The study-finding shows merely 1 example of this. (Abuse is an incredibly vast aspect of humanity, and as a result, this world; and I am merely using this study-finding that touches on 1 example as a reference point for this writing.)

The human–you and I–caused the current abusive system of this world that disregards Life. The current system did not just magically, spontaneously come to be. The human made it possible, and the human made it manifest in this world; and it took time, it took effort, it took great motivation and drive fueled by self-interest and desire to abuse.

An absolute change is required, within and without — as something done only halfway does not stand the test of time, and simply cannot be trusted. The human has to change for the world to truly change.

If humanity does not change, the potential of abuse remains. The potential–no matter how minuscule–to abuse within each human must cease to exist, establishing a human that can actually be trusted with Life. By doing this with ourselves, for ourselves, we in that way ensure that it will not exist within this world. In other words, by changing ourselves, we ensure that the change that we bring to the world is real and stands the test of time.

The human is the root of the problems in this world — but we can be the actual living solution.

Just as the human caused the current system, the human–YOU AND I–take self-responsibility and do what is required to bring about a world where Life is never again disregarded, but supported, cared for and honored as ourselves in every way, eternally.

So, what is the solution? Unless all points are considered, and all Life is considered, it is not a real solution. Desteni considers all points and all Life, and has done extensive research — and has presented a real solution: world-wide Equality Systems, such as the Equal Money System (EMS), and Desteni I Process (DIP).

Let’s take the aforementioned study-finding for example; humans deliberately inflicting head trauma on to babies twice as much as usual during the recession. There’s 2 points I’m looking at within this: the human experience within the recession–in other words, the current money system–triggers an increase of usual abusive activity; and that the human participates within such abuse as a “usual”. Within an EMS, each would have ample money; and thus, it would be the end of the experience of money-related stress or financial strain. The EMS would significantly eliminate abuse and self-destructiveness by itself. Within DIP, the self-destructive / -abusive nature that exists within humanity as the potential of such acts is taken on.

(Additionally, the articles I read suggested the following points: parents or caregivers of a child may have been “stressed to the breaking-point” as a result of economic problems such as foreclosures and unemployment; parents or caregivers of a child, through suddenly becoming homeless, may have been forced to place their child around relatives or others who would do such things; support-services for children and families have been cut down. None of these points would exist in an EMS.)

In an EMS, there would not be such a thing as “lacking money”. No recession. It would be the end of poverty. EVERYONE in this world would actually be living like MILLIONAIRES in an EMS. The EMS is a completely new system; and what it makes possible in this world goes beyond anything humanity’s ever seen or lived.

The EMS will be established in this world in the next 10-20 years. While the EMS is on its way, DIP gives the opportunity to build quite a sufficient income for yourself; and thus, directly giving the opportunity to assist and support yourself in all ways while you participate in the courses and assist with bringing real change to this world through changing yourself.

We are able to change our nature, we are able to change what we have become. Within DIP, you take this on in an effective step-by-step, breath-by-breath practical way. It takes self-discipline and self-dedication to get this done, and DIP supports and assists you to develop that, among other points, within yourself — to a degree that you may have never considered possible.

Let’s change ourselves as humanity in a way that stands the test of time and make a New World possible where ALL live a dignified life, from birth to death — where abuse ceases to exist and would not even be part of our vocabulary, because we as humanity no longer live that word and stand absolute in never again accepting and allowing abuse to exist within ourselves, and thus our world.

I am 1 vote for Equal Money, and a world where the principle of What is Best For ALL Life is what each and every human lives and breathes, a world where abuse in any form can no longer exist — are you?

We’ve turned this place into Hell — but we’re able to turn it into Heaven.

Show your support and participate in Desteni I Process.

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