Stealing Motivated by Hunger

I was watching an old episode of Cops a couple months ago, and this man, who appeared to be in his early-to-mid 20s, was caught trying to steal. The cops were asking him questions about why he was doing what he was doing, and the man began crying and staring at the ground, and all he said was that he was so hungry — giving a very clear explanation as to why he was trying to steal. He lacked money and, thus, food.

So, I was looking at what would happen to him after this. He was most likely punished. And, sure, he’d be fed where he was going, but what is done about the point that this man made so clear to the cops and the viewers? Absolutely nothing. This man’s punishment is to be understood as “justice” in this current system. Why he was trying to steal is not considered — he was motivated by hunger, and that’s a hell of a motivator. While the cops were asking “why”, this wouldn’t matter or have any bearing on the consequence this man would have to walk. I mean, look, really he was being punished because he lacked money. What he was compelled to do as a result of lacking money, and thus lacking food — there was no indication whatsoever that he would have been stealing as he was if he had money. If he had money, he would have had sufficient access to food and would not have been hungry to this point in the first place.

Ever been without food? Are you willing to live that life and experience firsthand the absolute disregard within this system, where you’re starving and all you need is that 1 thing called money because it’s the only thing that gives you that access to the resources that you require? Yes, you’d go look for food, given that you can still manage to go physically do that, and of course you’d want to “steal” it when you found it — and then you’d get punished. It’s completely deranged.

This current system is about struggle and suffering — there’s no priority of stopping that experience for all of humanity, let alone the animal kingdom and nature. Why would the continuation of such a way of existence be desired by anyone?

Not a single being in this world should be without food. There is no valid excuse as to why this exists in this world. There is ample food, enough for everyone — and an excessive amount of it is completely wasted regularly, deliberately.

Stopping starvation is not a care in this current system — regardless of the talk, because the talk never came with a real solution and actual practical action, never came with real prevention. What has come with the talk is ineffective means that merely keep the problems in place. It’s always half-assed; we need to do something that will actually permanently correct the situation worldwide.

The survival of this system is set as priority, not the survival of the living beings on this planet — and what that requires is the continuation of abuse in various forms, the continuation of the human to exist in a way that aids such a system. The current system is clearly unstable, and we’re essentially watching it die; and it can’t be put on ‘life support’ — it doesn’t support Life. Keeping it in place as long as possible — dragging this out, trying to delay the inevitable — results in extreme additional suffering that’s not necessary and is able to be avoided. Humanity is able to bring this to a quicker end, in a way that minimizes suffering for those who are placed in the positions where they take the brunt of consequence within this system — and we can do that by implementing an Equal Money System, which would then put an end to suffering. We’d get to see a world we’ve never seen before, we’d get to actually live here without struggling to survive.

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