Want What’s Best For Your Children?

A common statement is that we want whatever is best for our children.

I read that 1 out of every 2 children live in poverty. So, that statement is not actually being lived and is clearly not a real priority in this current system that we’ve all allowed and accepted to exist as the way we function within this world.

If we would actually live those words fully, we would each consider ALL children in this world as ‘our children’ — and actually do what is required to manifest here that which is best for all children, and our children’s children, and so forth.

How we can start doing that is to implement an Equal Money System. This would in fact create a world that is actually best for all children — because, from the moment they come into this world, they’d be taken care of, no matter where they’re born, no matter what family they’re born into.

We’re made of the same stuff, so why should we ever allow a design to be in place that doesn’t give each of us access to the same stuff? Let’s make this world Heaven — where you’re born, and immediately you are given all of what you require, guaranteed, from that moment forward until death, and where you could rest assured that everyone else breathing in this world is given the same.

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