Greece Bailout — It Will Always Fail

Bailouts do not, and will not, solve anything — not for Greece, not for anyone. A bailout is an attempt to “rescue”; trying to rescue the system will always result in failure.

The focus is not on the actual problem, and obviously the cause of that problem is ignored as well. The focus is on attempting to prolong the current system; prolonging the current system will only result in more suffering.

The current system is dying, and there’s nothing anyone can do to save it — and delaying the inevitable will increasingly become more difficult to do. Attempting to save this system is not only pointless, it is insane. It directly shows a deranged desire for the atrocities in this world to continue.

The current system completely disregards Life and consists of massive abuse and separation. Just as it failed to honor and support Life, so will any and all attempts to “fix” or keep it. It cannot continue existing.

This world requires a NEW system. The Equal Money System is THE solution — a worldwide Equality System that absolutely supports and honors all Life. This is the only option that is Best For All. Anything else will fail.

Investigate Equal Money and how you can support and assist in bringing a real solution here.


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